Which Outer Banks Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Netflix’s Outer Banks dropped on the streaming platform in early 2020 and quickly became one of its most popular programs. The series doesn’t just highlight the disparity between the haves and have-nots but takes the audience on an epic misadventure.

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Throughout the adventures of the main characters, it’s easy to highlight just how the Pogues are different from the Kooks, but there are some surprising similarities between the characters as well. Those can be highlighted very well when the audience examines them through the lens of the personality traits associated with the zodiac signs. Fans might be surprised by which of the OBX zodiac signs they line up with as well.

Updated on September 16th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: The characters of Outer Banks are obsessed with one thing: historic treasure. That means there is little time for anything else in their lives. Scholarship competitions, school marks, and even relationships can fall by the wayside as a result. With such a singular focus, it’s no wonder the Pogues and their enemies don’t have time for birthday celebrations or reading their horoscopes. That’s okay though because fans can still figure out the zodiac signs of Outer Banks characters.

13 ARIES: John B Routledge

John B is a natural and confident leader. He enjoys being in charge and dives headfirst into challenges, sometimes literally. For the most part, he has a cheerful disposition, but his determination is unrivaled.

John B is straight-up in his approach to the search for the gold and isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what he means. Some may say he leads with blind optimism, especially the other Pogues in the first few episodes. The Aries’–and John B’s–weakness is thinking after acting, which is why he gets into so much trouble all the time. It’s not just that impulsivity that links John B to Aries though; he’s also got their confidence and passion.

12 TAURUS: JJ Maybank

JJ is the character to talk to if someone wants something done. He saves the Pogues from all kinds of tricky situations because he won’t be beaten by any challenge. JJ has an endless reserve of perseverance, but sometimes he prioritizes his own comfort and pleasure. Like when he buys a hot tub, steals money, brings a gun everywhere, or worries about his “Insta models” the moment the Internet is available.

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The JJ Maybank zodiac sign is undoubtedly Taurus. He might seem as impulsive as John B sometimes, but he’s actually not. JJ has the ability to slow down and is more patient than his friends. He’s already thought through his opinions about serious matters, so he tends to focus on material objects and flirting instead. His tendency to jump the gun (sometimes literally) and encourage his friends to break the law is usually in an effort to get them back to their status quo, like his idea of kidnapping and interrogating Rafe or Shoupe in order to clear John B’s name.

11 GEMINI: Sarah Cameron And Captain Terrance

A split image depicts Sarah Cameron and Captain Terrance in Outer Banks

Sarah Cameron is fun, outgoing, and intelligent. She’s a prankster and loves an adventure, but can be indecisive, impulsive, and unreliable sometimes. Like a Gemini, she always wants to know what other people are up to, so she may not be the best character to tell your secrets. Sarah can adapt to change easily, which is clear when she chooses the Pogue life. She loves to learn, is enthusiastic, very socially adept, and witty.

It might not seem like Sarah and Captain Terrance would have a lot in common, but there’s a reason they understand one another so well. Sarah is able to offer up the gold for her and John B’s safety, and negotiate with him because she gets his ability to make people see what he wants them to see. Sarah spent years blending in with the Kooks when she felt like an outsider, while Terrance spends his time manipulating the authorities to keep his business secret. He even fools Sarah and John B into thinking he won’t turn them in.

10 CANCER: Kiara Carrera And Sheriff Peterkin

A split image depicts Kiara and Peterkin in Outer Banks

Kiara is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends. She’s also intuitive, which is how she knows John B is lying or concocting. She’s the most caring of all of the characters – she’s an environmentalist, she saves animals, and she is absolutely committed to the Pogues. Sometimes Kiara can seem sensitive, moody, and vindictive, but that’s because she’s so devoted. She can be overbearing, but it’s just the nostalgic Cancer in her that likes to uphold traditions and hold onto her tight-knit group of friends.

Though the Pogues might see Sheriff Peterkin as an obstacle initially, the truth is she just wants to help John B. She’s one of the few adults in the OBX who seems to genuinely care what happens to John B and his friends. Time and again, she offers her assistance, but she’s hampered by the rules of her job. It seems likely that a few decades earlier, she and Kiara would have been exactly alike.

9 LEO: Topper Thornton And Barry

A split image depicts Topper and Barry in Outer Banks

While Topper shows signs of warmth and passion towards Sarah and Wheezie, he’s also arrogant and stubborn. As a Leo, he can be charismatic and is consistent in his behaviors and beliefs. Sometimes, Topper’s single-minded determination makes him go too far. He’s obsessed with succeeding, and his strength and bravery help him accomplish what he sets out to do – whether or not his choices are for the best is up for debate. Topper also refuses to accept criticism, like when Sarah tries to break up with him.

He’s not that far removed from Barry, the dealer that Rafe finds himself always owing money or favors to. Rafe is a little more extreme in his personification of a Leo though. He hates not receiving the attention and respect he believes he deserves, so much so that it makes him produce a false bravado when faced with Ward Cameron that leads to him getting beat pretty badly.

8 VIRGO: Ward Cameron And Anna Carrera

A split image depicts Ward Cameron and Anna Carrera in Outer banks

Ward is logical, practical, and systematic, which is why his business is so successful. His luxurious home and boat prove his presence in the material world, and his high demands stem from his perfectionism. As a business owner and criminal, Ward is consistent and hyper-aware of details. He utilizes input and processing to manipulate others, but if someone is a Virgo, these qualities can absolutely be used with good intentions. Ward has a gentler, kinder, and more supportive side to him, which is seen in the early episodes of Outer Banks when he helps Sarah figure out what she wants to do about Topper.

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Another parent that exhibits these Virgo tendencies is Anna Carrera – Kiara’s mother. She doesn’t always seem like the most nurturing person since the audience always sees her when confronting her daughter in danger, but she’s certainly a meticulous planner. Anna doesn’t just threaten to punish Kiara, but actually outlines the consequences for the teenager’s actions. She has a plan in place to, in her mind, help her daughter, though Kiara ends up running instead.

7 LIBRA: Lousia “Wheezie” Cameron And Deputy Shoupe

A split image depicts Wheezie and Shoupe in Outer Banks

When it comes to the zodiac signs of Outer Banks characters, Libras are all about balance. This is seen in Wheezie as she oscillates between supporting Sarah and Rafe, who represent opposing ideals. She’s only thirteen, but she’s superficial – Wheezie’s relationships with people are about her own personal gains, and she’s worried about social media in the middle of a crisis. It’s interesting that she’s so good at solving conflicts in her family and is very socially adept. She’s fun at parties and is quite the people pleaser when it comes to Rafe, Sarah, and Topper.

Shoupe functions as a secondary antagonist for the Pogues, but he’s a lot like Wheezie when it comes to attempting to maintain balance. He knows that Ward Cameron is the most powerful person in his community, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat until he’s in a position to make sure Ward is no longer a danger to anyone else. It’s that decision that allows him to seemingly maintain a friendship with Ward while still investigating him on the side.

6 SCORPIO: Rafe Cameron

While Rafe’s actions don’t always have the best outcomes, he’s certainly brave. No matter how ill-intentioned his decisions are, he’s always honest. Rafe acts tough most of the time, but by the end of the first season, he shows how emotional he really is when he gets vulnerable with Ward.

The perfect match for a Rafe Cameron zodiac sign is certainly Scorpio. Scorpios are known for attempting to keep their emotions under wraps as they aggressively pursue their goals. Rafe can be like a villain, violent, intense, tough-minded, and biting, and doesn’t hold back when he goes for something. He’s jealous of Sarah because their father prefers her over him, and Rafe hates being controlled by people like Barry.


Cleo looking at something in Outer Banks.

Introduced in the second season of Outer Banks, Cleo isn’t an OBX native. Instead, she’s someone John B and Sarah meet on their run through the Bahamas. She becomes a huge asset to them, saving their life a few times with her keen observations and her aggressive approach to getting out of tough situations.

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Ophiuchus might not be recognized as an official sign, but it certainly fits Cleo amongst all of the Outer Banks zodiac signs. It combines the force of will of a Scorpio with the optimism and sense of adventure of a Sagittarius. Cleo has no problem dropping everything and moving on to a new chapter of her life, and she certainly has no trouble getting her point across, as she proves in confrontations with numerous characters that get in her way.

4 SAGITTARIUS: Luke Maybank

Luke Maybank stands at the chateau in Outer Banks

Luke Maybank is an abusive and irresponsible father. There’s no denying that. Some of his very Sagittarius qualities, however, aren’t bad traits. He doesn’t heed rules very often, he’s reckless, can’t be bossed about, and craves freedom.

The moment Luke gets his hands on some money, he’s excited by the prospect of being able to spend it on something he wants. He might be unreliable as a parent and an employee, but he’s got an adventurous spirit that leads him into that recklessness. Sagittarius is often known as the sign with the sense of wanderlust, the one that can’t be contained to a small town, and Luke certainly shows that.

3 CAPRICORN: Pope Heyward And Carla Limbrey

A split image depicts Pope Heyward and Carla Limbrey in Outer Banks

Pope is the brains of the Pogues – he’s ambitious, persistent, and realistic, which JJ interprets as pessimism. Pope is also surprisingly sensitive and arguably the most likable character on Outer Banks. When Kiara blows him off, he spends a long time brooding and being vindictive. No matter how petty he is, Pope is disciplined–JJ would call this being uptight–and practical. He can always come up with a solution to get the Pogues out of a tricky situation.

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It’s interesting, then, that Pope’s Capricorn traits of discipline and ambition are mirrored in the woman who is essentially his nemesis in the season – Carla Limbrey. Limbrey’s ambitions don’t involve getting away from her family as she’s born into the life of privilege that Pope isn’t. Instead, her ambitions lean toward preserving the Limbrey family legacy and keeping herself alive through whatever means necessary.

2 AQUARIUS: “Big” John Routledge

Big John displays typical Aquarius qualities. He’s a visionary, which is why he’s so dedicated to the Royal Merchant, but his personality is also elusive. He’s hard to define, but it’s clear that he is original and even eccentric. He pursues leads that everyone in town thinks will lead nowhere, forging ahead on his own path.

Big John is also smart, or he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did in his treasure hunt, and he wouldn’t have been able to lead John B on so subtly. Big John has the ability to think outside of the box and solve problems in a way that other characters and zodiac signs may not be able to.

1 PISCES: Rose Cameron

If someone is a Pisces, they are probably most like Rose Cameron. She’s laid back, empathetic, and agreeable most of the time – until someone she loves is in trouble. In these times, she lets her emotions guide her and can seem moody.

Rose is also creative, as seen in her choice of outfit for Midsummers. And despite Ward’s motivations, Rose is loyal to him and truly cares about him. However, she also appears to need to please him and sometimes acts as a therapist to him.

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