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Cat Osterman after her last game with Athletes Unlimited.

Cat Osterman on Retirement, the State of Softball, and Why She Will Always Love the Art of Pitching

Every week in her Good Form column, Natalie Weiner explores the ways in which the sports world’s structural inequalities…

Marvel’s Bagaimana Jika? Fan Art Membayangkan Zombie Thanos Live-Action yang Mengerikan

Seni penggemar baru Marvel menunjukkan seperti apa versi live-action dari Thanos yang dizombifikasi di Marvel Cinematic Universe….

Lady Dimitrescu Mendapat Gaun Met Gala di Resident Evil Village Fan Art

Penggemar Resident Evil Village turun ke Twitter untuk memposting seni penggemar Lady Dimitrescu mengenakan gaun berdasarkan tampilan…