Game Of Thrones Seasons Ranked, According To Their IMDb Average

Adapted from the beloved fantasy novel series, A Song Of Ice And Fire, from George R. R. Martin, Game Of Thrones took over the world when it got released. It dominated the conversation in the pop culture zeitgeist from 2011 to 2019. Through eight seasons, fans got a lot of subverted expectations, a bitterly disappointing finale, a lot of death, and a ton of brilliance.

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There was only really one genuinely disappointing season, and even the first half of that season has some pretty excellent stuff. Before that, there were seven seasons all in contention for the best season of Game Of Thrones. At its worst, was still better than most show’s best, to which IMDb can attest.

Updated on September 22nd by Rhys McGinley: Game Of Thrones has some of the best seasons of television ever. With storylines like Tyrion’s trial, Jon Snow’s journey with the Wildings, and Ned Stark’s time as Hand of the King the show cemented its place as one of the best show’s ever on sites like IMDb long before its disappointing final season.

With IMDb being a fan-based site, the ratings of certain episodes and therefore seasons are always fluctuating, but there is little movement for seasons like 8 and seasons 4, which will likely always find themselves at the opposite ends of Game Of Thrones seasons ranked by IMDb. 

8 Season 8 (2019) – 6.33

Split image of Arya Stark killing the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell & Cersei and Jaime Lannister dying underneath the Red Keep in Game Of Thrones

Season 8 of Game Of Thrones has 6 episodes.

Season eight of the show was one of the most anticipated pieces of television of all time, with an extended wait leaving fans in a fever pitch. Many fans were bitterly disappointed when it came, though, especially since it was the show’s final season.

The fact it was only six episodes doomed it from the start. There could have been more seasons of the show, never mind more episodes, and had there been a full slate of 10 episodes, the rushed nature of the season could have been avoided. Thankfully the books could still possibly give fans some closure, and an excellent ending. From the darkness of the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys’ rushed death, Bran ‘The Broken,’ and much more, this season was the worst and will never make it near the top of a Game Of Thrones seasons ranked list.

7 Season 5 (2015) – 8.83

Split image of Cersei being stripped for her walk of shame & a blind Arya Stark fighting the Waif in Game of Thrones

Season 5 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

Seasons 3 and 4 of the show are pretty much perfect. Coming off the back of that, with the landscape of the fantastical world being so different, was always going to be a challenge.

Season 5 is excellent, there is so much incredible stuff going on in just about every episode, and it has some of the show’s very best episodes ever, such as “Hardhome.” It gets held back by a few storylines fans were bitterly disappointed by. The storyline of Jaime and Bronn in Dorne had its moments but ended up being disappointing, the Sand Snakes are infamously disliked, and much of the stuff with Daenerys in this season was criticized by many, such as the pointless death of Ser Barristan Selmy.

6 Season 2 (2012) – 8.96

Split image of Tyrion Lannister fighting in the Battle of the Blackwater & Theon Greyjoy with two hanged and burned orphan boys he claims to be the younger Stark brothers after he takes Winterfell in Game of Thrones

Season 2 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

The second season of the show had so much to live up to and was a massive season for the show coming off the back of the acclaimed first season, which shocked those who had never read the novels.

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It most definitely did live up to expectations, building on what got established in the inaugural season and continuing to develop the characters fans came to love. It had some truly incredible pieces of television and more shocking moments, and simple conversations in rooms stood as highlights amongst huge setpieces like the Battle of the Blackwater.

5 Season 3 (2013) – 9.05

Split image of Robb Stark watching his wife die during the Red Wedding & Daenerys Targaryen being celebrated by her people who are calling her 'Mother' in Game Of Thrones

Season 3 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

Many fans will argue that Game Of Thrones was at its undisputed best in seasons 3 and 4, with the characters, conversations, moments, and storylines all the perfect representation of the show.

Of course, season three will forever get remembered for the Red Wedding and the appalling nature of that event, which sent shockwaves throughout pop culture. However, season 3 has so much more brilliance to it, such as Jaime Lannister’s heartwarming and insightful arc with Brienne, Jon Snow being with the Wildings, and the usual political excellence from the likes of Tywin, Tyrion, and Olenna.

4 Season 6 (2016) – 9.06

Split image of the Sept of Baelor being blown up by Wildfire & Jon Snow fighting alone during the Battle of the Bastards in Game Of Thrones

Season 6 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

Season 6 came out guns blazing and delivered some of the most incredible pieces of television of all time. Like season 5 disappointed in a couple of aspects, season 6 did have some subpar moments–for Game Of Thrones–but also some of the show’s best.

The Battle of the Bastards, still, to this day, is widely considered the show’s best battle. Also, “The Winds Of Winter,” in which Cersei cruelly destroys her enemies in the Sept of Baelor with one swift, shocking move, is utterly breathtaking throughout. Then, of course, “The Door,” in which the heartbreaking story of Hodor comes to be known, still breaks fans’ hearts and proves to be one of the best episodes that Bran Stark ever has, if not the best.

3 Season 7 (2017) – 9.1

Split image of the heroes trapped by the Night King's army beyond the wall & Jon Snow meeting Daenerys Targaryen for the first time at Dragonstone in Game Of Thrones

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones has 7 episodes.

It is perhaps unfair for season 7 of the show to be so high, considering the reduced number of episodes and the fact that, like season 8, it needed more episodes, all things considered.

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However, what fans got in the season was great. While there are some logistical and narrative issues with the journey beyond the wall and the ice dragon, Daenerys’ arrival in Westeros, Arya’s return to Winterfell, “The Spoils Of War,” and the confirmation of the L + R = J theory (which still ended up wasted), were all highlights. Many have criticized the seventh season, but according to IMDb, it is one of the best Game Of Thrones seasons.

2 Season 1 (2011) – 9.1

Split image of Daenerys holding her new born dragon & Ned Stark's execution at King's Landing in Game Of Thrones

Season 1 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

Getting the edge over season 7, despite the same rating, due to the number of episodes in the season is the first-ever season of the show. While it did not have the budget or colossal following it would get in the coming seasons, the first season was still fantastic, one of the best seasons of Game Of Thrones, in fact.

It all revolves around Ned Stark and his eventual shocking death, with the beloved character leaving the show for good so early. For those who had not read the books, it was a moment that completely changed what audiences thought would happen. It immediately showed everyone that this series was something special and different, something never-before-seen. Of course, the season has other terrific stuff, like introducing the great characters and setting up the world.

1 Season 4 (2014) – 9.31

Split image of Tyrion Lannister at his trial & Jon Snow holding a dying Igrid in Game Of Thrones

Season 4 of Game Of Thrones has 10 episodes.

Unsurprisingly, IMDb and all the fans who went to review the show, deemed season 4 the best season of Game Of Thrones, with all but 3 episodes getting over 9.0 ratings.

This season is truly peak Game Of Thrones. The political maneuvering is at its best in this season, but the action between the Battle at Castle Black and the duel between Oberyn and the Mountain were both equally brilliant. Then there was obviously the satisfying and excellent death of Joffrey Baratheon. The performances from the cast, especially Peter Dinklage, were phenomenal, the writing was at its best. Everything worked and was so often flawless throughout this season.

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