Every Major Character Death (& Which Movie They Died In)

It may not be as big as the MCU or the Harry Potter film series, but the Fast and Furious franchise has proven to be just as popular. With 10 movies under its belt, it has managed to keep audiences entertained with its gripping storylines and action-packed sequences. And of course, there are those dynamic characters and a top-billed cast.

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It would be great to say the Toretto family and their crew have managed to appear in all the films. But as fans are aware, the writers decided to retire Paul Walker’s character from the franchise after the actor tragically died in a traffic collision in 2013. Despite the Toretto crew being responsible for the elimination of some big villains, they have also suffered a few in-universe tragedies of their own too.

Updated October 1, 2021, by Kayleigh Banks: After F9 was released in June 2021, fans were introduced to some new (and old) characters. There were also some great twists too, including the revelation that Dom and Mia had another brother and Han was alive after being suspected dead for years. But with this retcon, is it possible that other deceased characters could make a return to the franchise? Sung Hang (who plays Han) has already said he would love it if the franchise managed to bring back Gisele so fans might see the former CIA agent make an (albeit brief) appearance in the future.

15 Jesse (The Fast And The Furious)

Chad Lindberg as Jesse in Fast and the Furious

In the very first film, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) had a completely different crew than the one he has now. While they weren’t as intriguing as the main characters, there was one person who managed to squeeze his way into the fans’ hearts: Jesse. Portrayed by Chad Lindberg, Jesse was a mechanic and software designer who assisted Dom on many of his heists.

As they worked on restoring the Supra, Jesse and Brian (Paul Walker) bonded, striking up a friendship soon after. However, this friendship was cut short when Jesse was gunned down by Johnny Tran and his cousin after he ran out on their deal. Dom and Brian would later go on to avenge Jesse’s death.

14 Johnny Tran (The Fast And The Furious)

An image of Johnny Tran in The Fast and The Furious

The first major antagonist of the franchise, Johnny Tran (Rick Yune) certainly made it known that he was no friend of the Toretto family. Initially, he was seen to be a racing rival of Dom’s and would be seen challenging other racers for slips. However, Tran soon cemented himself as the villain when he killed Jesse — one of the harmless and most likable members of Dom’s crew — for not turning over his car when he lost a race.

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Therefore, it wasn’t that surprising to fans that he ended up getting killed himself when he was shot in the back by Brian. Reflecting back on this, many fans would agree that Tran’s death was a bit of an anti-climax considering how much time the movie had invested in his character.

13 Han Seoul-Oh (Tokyo Drift & Furious 7)

Han Fast And The Furious 9

Han Seoul-Oh is another character who proved to be a hit among the fans, appearing in six films. First introduced in Tokyo Drift, Han was the former business partner of Takashi (Brian Tee) and associate of Dom’s crew. He was proven to be a key asset, with the crew often praising his discreetness and marksmanship abilities.

However, in both Tokyo Drift and Furious 7, Han was shown to be “killed” by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) after the mercenary t-boned his car. For the last thirteen years, this is where the audiences believed Han made his last stand. Yet, it was revealed in F9 that Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) had helped Han fake his death and he was now protecting a young child, who was key to the plot of the movie. Although fans weren’t completely on board with his explanation, they were nevertheless glad to see him back on-screen after being gone for so many years.

12 Letty Ortiz (Fast & Furious)

Letty standing on the hood of a moving car

When Fast & Furious premiered in 2009, fans were taken aback by the main storyline — especially since it involved the death of a major character. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has been an integral character to the Fast and the Furious series. Although she first appeared as Dom’s girlfriend, Letty is the franchise’s underrated hero as the audience has seen how fiercely loyal and protective she is of her family.

So when the writers revealed Letty had died trying to clear Dom’s name, everyone was shocked and upset. However, their disappointment didn’t last long when the post-credits scene of Fast Five revealed Letty had survived. Here’s hoping she stays that way in the upcoming installments.

11 Fenix Calderon (Fast & Furious)

An image of Fenix pointing a gun in Fast & Furious

Portrayed by Laz Alonso, Felix Calderon was the lead henchman of Arturo Braga (John Ortiz) and the secondary antagonist of Fast & Furious. Although Braga was the main villain, Calderon proved he was far more ruthless and sadistic than his boss. Not only did he hire the drivers to help smuggle the drugs, but he would also execute them after the delivery was complete.

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Among his hits had been Letty, whom he ran off the road and then blew her car up as she tried to escape. Eventually, Calderon was killed by Dom as the mechanic t-boned him with his Camaro in revenge.

10 Vince (Fast Five)

fast and furious 5 vince

Although his brutish and violent tendencies were off-putting at first, Vince eventually became a fan-favorite character in the Fast and Furious franchise. Portrayed by Matt Schulze and first appearing in The Fast and the Furious, Vince was seen as Dom’s loyal and overprotective best friend. While he did show an attraction to Mia (Jordana Brewster), this dissipated once she chose Brian.

Vince would then make a reappearance in Fast Five, joining Dom, Mia, and Brian in the train heist. While he had a brief falling-out with Dom, Vince redeemed himself when he prevented Mia from being kidnapped. Sadly, he was killed after being shot by one of Reyes’ men.  

9 Zizi (Fast Five)

An image of Zizi looking serious in Fast Five

Even though Herman Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) was the ruthless politician who ordered the deaths of the DEA agents and Luke Hobbs’ (Dwayne Johnson) crew, many fans will agree that it was his right-hand man, Zizi (Michael Irby), who was more villainous. After all, he was the one who took great pleasure in killing anyone his boss asked him to and felt no remorse for his actions.

Eventually, Zizi ends up getting his comeuppance in the final act of the movie. As he is about to kill Dom for stealing Reyes’ money, Brian shoots and kills him. Considering Zizi was part of the reason why Vince died, fans were glad to see the back of him.

8 Gisele Yashar (Fast & Furious 6)

Portrayed by Gal Gadot, Gisele made her mark on the franchise when she appeared as a liaison for Braga in Fast & Furious. By Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, Gisele was seen to be an integral part of Dom’s crew, helping them to steal Reyes’ fortune, retrieve Letty, and save Mia from Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

Gisele was also seen to be in a long-term relationship with Han. Sadly, she died after she sacrificed herself to save Han’s life, falling to her death as she shot at Adolfson. To this day, everyone remembers Gisele’s selfless and heroic deeds.

7 Riley Hicks (Fast & Furious 6)

Portrayed by Gina Carano, Riley Hicks was the DSS agent who was recruited by Hobbs to help apprehend Owen Shaw’s crew. For most of the movie, Hicks was seen to be a highly skilled agent, proving herself to be a strong fighter and improviser. However, much to the audience’s surprise, it turned out that she was also an informant and the girlfriend of Owen Shaw.

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After trying to kill Mia, Hicks later found herself engaged in another fight with Letty. Ultimately, the former met her demise when the latter got the upper hand and shot her with a harpoon gun. 

6 Mose Jakande (Furious 7)

Although Deckard Shaw was considered to be the main antagonist of Furious 7, there was one other person who proved to be a thorn in Dom’s crew’s side: Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou). For most of this movie, Mose was seen trying to kill Ramsey and Dom’s crew in an attempt to get hold of “God’s Eye” (a device that can hack into any technology and accrue data within a matter of minutes).

Eventually, Mose is killed when Hobbs shoots at a bag containing several grenades, which causes the helicopter he is flying to blow up. Considering how Mose was responsible for much death and destruction, fans were glad that he got his comeuppance in the end.

5 Elena Neves (The Fate Of The Furious)

An image of Elena Reyes in Fast Five

One of the franchise’s more unexpected deaths was Elena’s (Elsa Pataky). First introduced in Fast Five, Elena was a DSS agent who was recruited by Hobbs to bring in Dom and his crew. After helping them with the heist in Brazil, Elena had a brief relationship with Dom, which ended after the mechanic reunited with Letty.

However, in The Fate of The Furious, it was revealed that Elena had been kidnapped by Cipher (Charlize Theron) because she had Dom’s child. Sadly, Elena was killed after Dom refused to obey Cipher’s orders.

4 Connor Rhodes (The Fate Of The Furious)

An image of Connor Rhodes in Fast 8

Portrayed by Kristopher Hivju, Connor Rhodes was Cipher’s lead henchman and the secondary antagonist of the franchise’s eighth installment. Straight away, the viewers could see he was a dangerous and violent man when he killed Elena without a second thought.

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He also attempted to kill Letty and their crew on several occasions, too. Eventually, Rhodes met his demise when Dom switched allegiances once again and broke his neck during a fight, avenging Elena’s death.

3 Brixton Lore (Hobbs & Shaw)

In the franchise’s latest installment, Hobbs and Shaw, the mercenary and agent found themselves facing off against one of their toughest foes. Portrayed by Idris Elba, Brixton Lore was a former MI6 agent who turned rogue after one too many missions. Eteon soon recruited and transformed Lore into a super-soldier once his cover was blown.

However, even they turned on him once he failed to attain “The Snowflake” virus and got bested by Hobbs and Shaw. After they triggered the kill-switch in his head, Lore fell to his death after falling off a cliff. Many fans were a little bit disappointed with this turn of events as they hoped he could have been used again in the future. It would have certainly been great to see Dom, Hobbs, Jakob (John Cena), and Brixton engaged in one huge action sequence, battling it out.

2 Jack Toretto (F9)

An image of Jack Toretto driving a car in F9

First heard about in The Fast and The Furious, Dom revealed to Brian that he had watched his father die in a tragic racing accident after one of the racers clipped his bumper and rammed him into the wall. However, The Fast and The Furious fans didn’t get to see this unfold until F9 in a flashback sequence. 

Although Jack Toretto (JD Pardo) hasn’t featured much in the Fast and Furious franchise, his death has had a major impact on the Toretto family. For years, Dom and Jakob remained estranged because Dom didn’t realize that Jack had asked Jakob to tamper with the car to help him throw the race and get their family out of debt. That’s what makes his death even more tragic — even though it was a plan made out of love, Jack’s actions inadvertently spurned hate between the brothers.

1 Otto (F9)

An image of Otto in F9

Although he might not have the combat skills his partner had, that didn’t mean that Otto (Thue Ersted Rasmussen) shouldn’t have been considered a threat since he has enough money to buy supplies and attain destructive weapons. However, the only reason that he wouldn’t be considered one of the most intelligent villains in the Fast and Furious franchise is the fact that he allowed himself to be played by Cipher.

After targeting his insecurities, Cipher not only managed to get him to switch sides but he also ended up giving her access to all his technology. Therefore, it didn’t really come as a surprise that she ended up being the one responsible for his death, shooting bombs at the truck he was on in an attempt to kill Dom. Due to Otto’s duplicitous and naive nature, fans weren’t exactly devastated by this death.

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