15 Best Power Rangers Shows, Ranked (According To IMDb)

For some, Power Rangers played a special role in their childhoods. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a brand new concept to arrive in the U.S. television market. For years, the people responsible had a tough time convincing their bosses that it was a good investment.

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No one believed that the Japanese-based show would skyrocket into success. With millions of dollars in revenue coming in from merchandise alone, they decided to keep the ball rolling. Over the years, with changes in ownership and adapting new storylines, not all series did well.

Updated on October 7th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Since 1993, the world has been captivated by the Power Rangers. From Mighty Morphin to Dino Fury, Boom Studios comic books, and even major motion pictures, fans can’t get enough of the helmets and spandex as young people save the world in new ways every season. The entire franchise is available to stream on Netflix, so even those new fans who weren’t yet born when it premiered can see it from the beginning.

15 Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) – 6.4

Five members of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm team stand together in uniform on the beach

Power Rangers Ninja Storm was the first full-length season to be produced when Disney acquired the franchise. Production moved to New Zealand, making for some great scenery for the new footage for the series. The story followed a group of students at a Ninja Academy who ended up becoming Power Rangers simply because they were the only students left after everyone else was kidnapped.

At the time, Power Rangers seasons weren’t shying away from dark topics or life lessons, but still making the story fun for kids. Ninja Storm went a lot lighter with its humor though, incorporating even more slapstick and misunderstandings between characters. It created a bit of a shift for the series.

14 Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015–2016) – 6.5

Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Gold Ranger, Aqua Ranger, Graphite Ranger, Purple Ranger, SIlver Ranger

Dinosaurs are always a popular theme when it comes to Power Rangers seasons, likely because that’s how the franchise got its start in the U.S. This season not only called back to that with dinosaurs as guardians of the powerful Energems, but it also made a Power Rangers villain responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth in the first place.

This incarnation intrigued fans because it didn’t fit in with the established continuity of the show (set in a different universe, as some are), and it also featured a fascinating villain. Sledge wasn’t working for an evil empire. Instead, he was a bounty hunter who became obsessed with the Energems himself, which led to him targeting Earth to begin with. The two seasons made for an interesting addition to Power Rangers mythology.

13 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993–1996) – 6.5

Sad to say, but one of the lowest-ranked series is the one that started it all. Mighty Morphin was the first show to be adapted from the original Japanese version, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (1992-1993). It follows the same storyline as the Japanese version.

Five teenagers with attitude are selected by Zordon to become Power Rangers to protect the Earth from Rita Repulsa. Saban and FOX used the original fight scenes from the Japanese show and had their actors do voice over. The show became a pop culture sensation in the ’90s. As the show has lasted more than 25 years, however, each season has been able to adjust its concepts, improve its special effects, and build on what’s come before it. It’s no wonder the original series isn’t considered the best when so many other stories have been built based on what it started.

12 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000) – 6.5

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue premiered in 1997 and took a different spin on the ranger’s hidden identities. It was common for the main characters to separate their daily lives from their Power Ranger lives. In the show, they made their status as rangers public knowledge. A government organization called Lightspeed Rescue tap into the Morphin Grid to develop Power Ranger morphers and powers. They recruit four civilians with different areas of expertise and the Captain’s daughter to protect Mariner Bay from demons.

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For some kids, the show didn’t quite connect since this was the first season that saw being a Power Ranger as a job instead of a potential conflict with their regular lives. The team wasn’t chosen by an alien being or fate, but instead with files compiled by the government. It didn’t necessarily feel like the same adventure series.

11 Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) – 6.6

Wolf Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Rhino Ranger

Power Rangers Jungle Fury was inspired by the animal spirits used to model fighting styles in different forms of martial arts. Each character had their own distinct fighting style inspired by their own “animal spirit” as a result. That wasn’t the only change-up to the series though.

One change for the better, and one that definitely made the show more fun for viewers, was that the mentor was someone who fought alongside the team, and he was a laid-back manager of a pizza place. It made the show have a completely different feel, which might be part of why fans enjoyed it so much.

10 Power Rangers Zeo (1996) – 6.6

Airing in 1996, Power Rangers Zeo was a continuation of Mighty Morphin and continued to use some of the same main actors. At the beginning of the franchise, the company decided to create a continuous sequence between storylines and character groups. After the destruction of their command center, the Rangers find the Zeo crystals intact that lead them to a hidden underground power chamber. Here they reunite with Zordon and Alpha to become the Zeo Power Rangers and the show centers around a new villain, the Machine Empire.

The Zeo season is actually much more mature than the previous three seasons of Mighty Morphin as the characters deal not just with the suiting up to battle villains, but also the consequences of new team members joining and old ones returning. The reality of not being a Power Ranger sets in as the characters age, making for some great storylines.

9 Power Rangers R.P.M. (2009) – 6.6

Power Rangers RPM Rangers Group

Often remembered as the darkest season of the franchise, Power Rangers R.P.M. isn’t set in an idyllic town. Instead, it takes place in the last holdout of humanity in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The world has been taken over by a computer virus that adapted to create its own monsters. The Power Rangers are the last hope to stop it, created, in a twist, by the same person who created the Venjix virus in the first place.

It’s a unique season in that allies of the Rangers die right away, the team isn’t fully formed in the first, or even the second, episode, and the possibility always exists that people with cybernetic implants can be infected by Venjix and set against the Rangers. It’s one of the series with the highest stakes, the most adrenaline, and the most compelling storylines.

8 Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006) – 6.7

The 2006 show, Power Rangers Mystic Force has a divide between fans who praised the series and others who didn’t care much for its theme. The series still continued to be an adaptation from the original Japanese version.

This show took a different direction and instead focused on a magic element. Evil breaks free from its prison in a magical realm. A sorceress looks for five warriors of legend to become the Mystic Force Rangers. The series did a good job at balancing the comedic elements with the dramatic, but some fans thought aspects of the show, like lost memories and recovered villains, felt too much like a soap opera.

7 Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005) – 6.7

“S.P.D. Emergency!”, automatically comes to mind when thinking about Power Rangers S.P.D. The theme song was catchy and so was the show’s storyline. This time the Rangers are an elite defense group as part of the city’s police force, S.P.D.

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Only a select few have the capabilities to make it as Power Rangers. The show takes place a few years in the future. The alien races and humans co-exist on Earth until the Troobian Empire seeks destruction against Earth. It feels like an entirely new world for the Power Rangers franchise, which is part of what makes it so fun. Some of the recruits for the team are criminals instead of squeaky clean kids, and one of the most intriguing (but over too soon) storylines is a group of rangers choosing to work for the bad guys.

6 Power Rangers Dino Fury (2021– ) – 6.8

Power Rangers Dino Fury Cast

One of the most recent series takes the series back to its dinosaur-inspired roots, and it’s on track to be one of the best Power Rangers series so far. Power inspired by dinosaurs is used, as always, to fight an alien threat to Earth. The series has a lot of firsts that made fans excited for it before it even began airing.

For one thing, it’s the first time the Green Ranger has been female in a live-action storyline. It’s also the first time the show would stream exclusively on Netflix as the contract with Nickelodeon ended for the series, giving an even larger audience access to the episodes right away. Dino Fury even marks the first time a Tik Tok star, or any social media star for that matter, has been cast in a lead role for Power Rangers as well. All of that adds up to a landmark series for the franchise.

5 Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004) – 6.8

What happens when a soccer player, a computer expert, an artist, and a teacher are forced to band together to save the Earth? Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Three students come across the Dino Gems used to become Power Rangers.

The famed original White Ranger/Green Ranger Tommy Oliver makes his return as a high school teacher. Fans got to see him back in action as the Black Dino Ranger helping the other Power Rangers fight the villain Mesogog. It added some depth to his character, seeing just how much he learned from his days as a ranger. The series also marked the first time a Power Ranger was partially responsible for the creation of the season’s villain, which was a great turn for the show.

4 Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019–2020) – 6.8

Taking the fourth spot on the list is one of the most recent Power Rangers shows, Power Rangers Beast Morphers. This is the first series to be produced by the entertainment company owned by Hasbro, Inc. Much like the other series, they used the Japanese fight scenes, props, and costumes. In the near future, Carol Harbor has used the Morphin Grid to develop a substance, Morph-X, that provides clean energy to the city. To protect the city, they combined Morph-X with animal DNA to create Beast Morphers Power Rangers. The Rangers protect the city from an evil computer virus called Evox.

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The season uses the idea of virtual reality as well as classic Power Rangers elements to create a unique season. It also featured one of the most anticipated crossovers in Power Rangers, a link back to the darkest season: Power Rangers R.P.M. Longtime fans were delighted to see just how the Venjix virus continued to grow alongside some great characters.

3 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999) – 6.9

There’s no possible way to not sing along to the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy theme song. With a high 6.9 rating, the show took the Rangers to outer space. Four teenagers from Angel Grove travel on Terra Venture to seek a new world. They soon meet the remaining two that will complete the Ranger group as they’re destined to wield the Quasar Sabers.

Though Power Rangers R.P.M. has a reputation for being the darkest series, Lost Galaxy might as well have been a test run for it. It featured the first Ranger death, a reformed villain becoming a team member, and began the first true departure from the Zordon Era of the franchise. It was a breath of fresh air for fans still watching the show and is definitely one of the most beloved by adults who grew up watching it today.

2 Power Rangers Time Force (2001) – 7.1

In the year 3,000, Time Force is a police agency that monitors and arrests mutants for their crimes. An evil mutant named Ransik escapes and travels back in time to take over the world. In the process, he kills the Red Time Force Ranger. The Time Force team breaks protocol and go after Ransik to the year 2001. They soon meet a doppelganger of the Red Ranger.

While Ransik is the main villain of the season, the show really made a case for redeeming even the cruelest of bad guys. Ransik and his daughter both found their way back to the side of good, and the season featured one of the most underrated of Power Rangers villains in Frax, who works as Ransik’s right hand, but ultimately betrays him.

1 Power Rangers In Space (1998) – 7.3

Taking the lead on IMDb for the best Power Rangers series is Power Rangers In Space. In the aftermath of Power Rangers Turbo, Zordon is captured by the evil Dark Specter. The Red Space Ranger, Andros is on a mission to rescue him. He can’t do it alone as the remaining Turbo Rangers travel to space to rescue Zordon but have no powers. Using the Astro Morphers, they band together to become the Space Rangers.

The show has the Rangers balance their life in space with their life on Earth, which adds a whole new layer of conflict to the group. It also acts as the culmination of all of the previous seasons as Andros is forced to destroy Zordon himself for the greater good – all while he finds out his sister is actually the enemy. With so much going on, the season could have been overstuffed, but everything fit together pretty perfectly.

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