15 Best James Bond Movies (According To IMDb)

James Bond is one of the longest-running and most iconic characters in cinema history. The suave and deadly spy known as 007 has been a major fixture in movies ever since Sean Connery originated the role was back in 1962. Since then, numerous actors have taken their turn with the part.

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Such a long-running franchise can’t hope to hit it out of the park each time, and there are some lackluster Bond films. However, the series has proven it can deliver some truly fun and exciting action blockbusters when handled right.

Updated on October 7th, 2021 by Colin McCormick: Just as everyone has their personal favorite Bond actor, the best Bond movie will likely change based on the person. The latest Bond adventure, No Time to Die, is finally released after a long delay, and fans can now debate where it belongs in the placement of the franchise’s top entries. With 25 movies to date, it is worth taking another look at the top-rated Bond movies and see where some of the other favorite 007 entries land on IMDb’s ranking.

15 The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) – 6.7

The Man with the Golden Gun

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Sometimes a memorable Bond villain is enough to please fans and cement a movie as one of the best. The Man with the Golden Gun is certainly not one of the most exciting Bond adventures, but it is hard to deny Christopher Lee’s performance as Scaramanga is very entertaining.

The Roger Moore-led movie finds 007 facing off with the deadly international assassin who wields the titular golden gun. Along with the memorable henchman Nick Nack, there are some fun things to enjoy about the movie even if it drags a little.

14 The Living Daylights (1987) – 6.7

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Though Daniel Craig is credited for the darker Bond take, Timothy Dalton’s turn as 007 was similarly brooding. While it didn’t work for everyone, The Living Daylights proved to be a satisfying debut for Dalton in the iconic role.

The movie is somewhat let down by uninteresting villains and a forgettable plot. However, Dalton brings a fresh intensity to the role that is very compelling, especially following Roger Moore. The action sequences are also a huge step up and much less silly than what came before.

13 For Your Eyes Only (1981) – 6.7

Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only

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Following the big Star Wars-inspired Moonraker, the Bond franchise was brought back down to Earth with a much simpler adventure in For Your Eyes Only. Interestingly, the scaled-back movie was the perfect next step for Bond and made for a solid action-heavy entry.

Roger Moore once again returned in the role of Bond and starred alongside Carole Bouquet as memorable Bond girl Melina who is on a mission of revenge. While the plot is a little needlessly complicated, the movie’s action set-pieces as thrilling, especially a wild ski chase sequence.

12 Live And Let Die (1973) – 6.8

James Bond enters Mr. Big's palace in San Monique

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Roger Moore first stepped into the role of Bond in the unusual yet entertaining Bond movie, Live and Let Die. The movie finds Bond facing off with a drug lord in New Orleans. Along with taking influence from the blaxploitation movies of the time, there is also a strange amount of supernatural elements in the movie.

Despite some elements feeling somewhat out of place in a Bond movie, Moore immediately fits the role of 007 quite well. He carries the movie with charm and heroic while Yaphet Kotto puts in an effective villain performance.

11 Spectre (2015) – 6.8

Daniel Craig in Spectre

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Spectre was Daniel Craig’s fourth film in the James Bond series. The movie continued to forge its own path with the character while using classic 007 elements to create a new story.

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The film finds Bond investigating a sinister organization that has been at the center of his various missions and tragedies as of late. This leads him to a mysterious man who has ties to Bond’s past. The movie might have overreached with the mythology it created, but some solid action and slick direction make it a fine entry.

10 You Only Live Twice (1967) – 6.9

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The Bond franchise sometimes tends to embrace its more outlandish nature. However, that is not always a bad thing if handled well. You Only Live Twice starts to veer in that direction with ridiculous plots and volcano hideouts, but the fun action and tone make it work.

Sean Connery continues to be effortlessly charming in his fifth film in the franchise. The movie’s silliness will not be for everyone, but it does feature a fan-favorite version of classic Bond villain, Blofeld.

9 Thunderball (1965) – 7.0

James Bond in the opening scene of Thunderball

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The early Bond films are interesting in that they would often mirror some of the tension that was going on in the real world surrounding the Cold War. In that way, Thunderball feels like a fascinating time capsule movie that deals with Bond attempting to retrieve atomic bombs stolen by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Despite the killer shark pets and the jetpacks, Thunderball feels like one of the more grounded early films. But the movie still remains a fun and thrilling action picture.

8 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – 7.1

Roger Moore as James Bond and Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

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Roger Moore still ranks as the best Bond in the eyes of some fans, and most of those fans point to this film as his best outing as the character. The film follows Bond attempting to track down hijacked submarines carrying nuclear weapons. It also sees him partnering with a KGB agent whose lover he killed.

The movie showcased some of the best and most memorable action sequences in the franchise, including the opening ski sequence. Moore is the perfect mix of humor and heroic in the role and fans were introduced to one of the most iconic villains, Jaws.

7 Goldeneye (1995) – 7.2

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Pierce Brosnan’s first adventure as Bond immediately cemented him as one of the best to play the part, even if the films weren’t always up to his talents. Luckily, Goldeneye was a fresh new take for the franchise, grounding the adventure while still having tons of fun.

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The movie finds Bond confronting someone from his past as he tries to stop a Russian crime syndicate from using stolen satellite weaponry. Brosnan is suave, cool, and dashing in the role, and the action is a major step up from the previous films, ushering in a new era for the character.

6 Dr. No (1962) – 7.3

James Bond's First Appearance - Dr No

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The very first Bond film still holds up well in the eyes of many fans. Dr. No introduced Sean Connery as the international man of mystery as he investigates the disappearance of a colleague and uncovers the devastating plans of a secret terrorist organization.

Connery instantly makes Bond a memorable hero with his seemingly effortless charm. The movie was an adventure film unlike anything Hollywood had been making until then. It was a stellar first mission for the character and hinted at the appeal Bond would have for years to come.

5 From Russia With Love (1963) – 7.4

James Bond and Red Grant in From Russia with Love

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From Russia with Love is the second Bond film and the one that started to introduce some of the classic and beloved aspects of the series. The story follows Bond to Russia where he is willingly lured into a trap by a Russian spy with the hopes of obtaining a Soviet decoder device. However, Bond finds himself being pursued by a deadly assassin (Robert Shaw).

Connery feels even more comfortable in his second outing as Bond, while Shaw makes for an effective villain. The simple plot still allows for some stand-out action scenes, like the brutal climactic train fight sequence.

4 No Time To Die (2021) – 7.6

Daniel Craig No Time To Die

Though the movie is still very new, No Time to Die has already impressed a lot of audiences. The movie is Daniel Craig’s latest outing as James Bond and it is generally seen as a worthy farewell for the actor.

No Time to Die is filled with surprises and the kind of big action sequences fans have come to expect from modern Bond movies. It also sees the return of key cast members like Christoph Waltz and Léa Seydoux as well as new additions like Rami Malek as the latest villain and Ana de Armas in a scene-stealing role.

3 Goldfinger (1964) – 7.7

Sean Connery as 007 in Goldfinger

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Goldfinger feels like it is the film in which the franchise found what it wanted to be. Connery once again proves to be the ideal Bond in a story about 007 investigating an evil genius’ plot to steal all the gold from Fort Knox.

The movie had all the elements fans would come to expect in great Bond films. The villain, the Bond girl, the henchman, and the title song were all some of the best the series ever created. It all came together for an incredibly fun and stylish adventure that has been mimicked by many of the subsequent films.

2 Skyfall (2012) – 7.7

Bond and M stand near his childhood home in Skyfall

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With Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes stepping into the Bond franchise, fans knew Skyfall was going to be something special. Daniel Craig’s third Bond film continued to explore the character deeper than previous films. Fans see Bond past his prime and facing off with a madman with a vendetta against M (Judi Dench).

With Mendes and famed cinematographer Roger Deakins behind the camera, this is probably the best-looking Bond film ever. Craig goes even deeper with the character, the action is thrilling, and Javier Bardem makes for one of the best Bond villains of all time.

1 Casino Royale (2006) – 8.0

Daniel Craig James Bond Casino Royale

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The Bond series was in bad shape at the end of Brosnan’s run with the character. Increasingly silly movies were making the films parodies of themselves. It was time for a change, with a new Bond and a more grounded approach.

The series got the reboot treatment with this take on the first Bond novel, showing the superspy’s early mission in which he takes part in a high-stakes poker game against a money launderer for terrorists. The premise might seem dull, but the action is intense with Craig delivering a more brutal Bond than fans had seen before.

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