15 Best Episodes To Rewatch If You Miss Rory & Logan

Of Rory’s three major love interests in Gilmore Girls, it seemed like Logan would be the one to stick. They met as adults, he treated her reasonably well, despite the usual college-age misunderstandings, and he fit into her grandparents’ world in a way that neither Dean nor Jess ever could have. He was handsome, rich, intelligent, and capable – boat-stealing aside, they actually seemed like a solid couple for multiple seasons.

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Of course, in the end, Rory ends up breaking things off – although not for good, as A Year In The Life proved that these two were still involved (albeit as an affair). But for fans who thought that Rory should have accepted Logan’s proposal, these are some of the biggest and best episodes of their relationship over the years.

Updated September 20th, 2021 by Rose Graceling-Moore: Fans are still waiting for a second season of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, but if the revival does continue, it’s likely that Logan will be playing a big part in it! So far, cast members and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino have not confirmed or ruled out another season… or that Logan is the father of Rory’s baby. Whether the show returns or not, perhaps Matt Czuchry will pop up on Scott Paterson’s podcast (as Milo Ventimiglia has), and in the meantime, there are still great Rory-Logan episodes to rewatch. 

15 You Jump, I Jump, Jack (S5, Ep 7)

Rory and Logan dressed up during a Life and Death brigade event outside on Gilmore Girls

Rory and Logan may have met, briefly, before this episode, but ‘You Jump, I Jump Jack’ is the episode where the two really start to get to know each other. And despite being a late addition to the show, fans quickly grow attached to Logan. Rory is with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade for an article, and while she still sees Logan and his friends as rich idiots throwing their money around, she also starts to get a little bit interested in this life. When Logan pushes her to jump off the tower with the others, it’s a moment of exhilaration for the rule-following Rory, and it’s easy to see this as the start of their relationship.

14 The Party’s Over (S5, Ep8)

This is a heartbreaking episode for fans of Rory and Dean, but a fantastic one for everyone else. In it, Rory and Dean are attempting to create a relationship again, and it just isn’t working. This is driven home to them both when Dean comes to pick her up from a party at her grandmother’s house, and finds her tipsy, in a gown and jewels, surrounded by rich young men in tuxes. It’s the last straw, and ends Rory and Dean for good, leaving her to turn to Logan for sympathy.

13 But Not As Cute As Pushkin (S5 Ep10)

Richard and rory prank logan at yale on gilmore girls

This episode sees Rory giving as good as she gets, when Logan and his friends prank her. They burst into one of her classrooms, with Logan declaring undying love, his friend coming in to ‘fight’ Logan for her hand, and then Finn showing up in a full Bobby uniform to ‘arrest’ them both. Rory is humiliated rather than amused, but enlists her grandfather to talk to Logan… and congratulate him on their engagement! It’s a phenomenal moment for Rory and Richard, of course, but it’s also a great one for Rory and Logan. Not only is Logan clearly putting in an incredible amount of time and effort to get her attention, but Rory proves that she can beat him at his own pranking game.

12 Wedding Bell Blues (S5 Ep13)

After many episodes of build up, Rory and Logan finally get together (physically, at least) in this episode, at her grandparents’ vow renewal. Of course, it all goes horribly wrong as they are caught in the act, rumpled and embarrassed, there’s a lot of extra drama, yelling, and general chaos… and Logan tells Rory that he doesn’t want a serious relationship, which comes as something of a blow. But all that aside, it’s amazing to see them finally admit how they feel about each other, at least on a basic level.

11 Pulp Friction (S5 Ep17)

Gilmore Girls Rory and Logan in Pulp Friction

Despite how well they work together later on, the start of Rory and Logan’s relationship is rocky, as they try (and fail) to ‘keep it casual’. Of course, this all goes horribly wrong when they end up at a Tarantino-themed party with different dates.

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Unsurprisingly, jealousy comes up, and Logan starts to realize that actually, he might not want to be so casual after all. It’s a complicated episode, as the audience wants to root for Rory and Logan, but also can’t help feeling bad about how they ignore their respective dates… but in the end, this is a big one for the pair.

10 But I’m A Gilmore (S5, Ep 19)

rory and logan on gilmore girls

Most of the time, Rory doesn’t really seem like someone raised with money – because she wasn’t. It’s only recently that she has become a part of her grandparents’ uber-rich world, but this episode does show that she still knew, in the back of her mind, that she came from money… because she is shocked when it seems like Logan’s family thinks she doesn’t come from enough! What makes this episode special is that it shows the two of them in a real relationship – and Logan taking her home, and defending her, shows just how important Rory has become to him.

9 Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting (S6, Ep 13)


By this point, Rory and Logan have had their ups and downs, but this is a big one, as the couple are getting back together with a big date… or they would be, but Paris has gone off the deep end and the Yale Daily News staff has walked out. Rory, determined to fix things, ends up staying at the paper to try and get everyone back on board, and get the issue out on time – and Logan comes in to help. This is actually a big deal, as Logan is seen doing something entirely to help Rory. This is him putting his own plans aside to actually be useful to her in what she wants, and that’s something that Logan does well – and is amazing to see here.

8 You’ve Been Gilmored (S6, Ep 14)

logan rory chris gilmore girls

Logan and Rory are back together, and when Paris kicks Rory out of the apartment for ousting her from the paper, they decide it’s time to move in together.

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This may seem incredibly fast, but it actually makes a lot of sense – and starts a new page for Rory and Logan, where they feel like a couple that could be in it for the long term. Rory introduces Logan to her father here, too, just continuing to cement the seriousness of their relationship.

7 A Vineyard Valentine (S6, Ep 15)

Logan and Rory kissing at brunch on Gilmore Girls

For Rory and Logan fans, this might be one of the best episodes of the series, although many find it weak overall. In this episode, they head to Martha’s Vineyard with Lorelai and Luke, and fans get to see just how good Rory and Logan can be together – and how charming and considerate Logan can be to Luke. He shares his valentines gifts so that Luke can seem to have got Lorelai something, he and Rory are sweet and charmingly domestic, and everything is wonderful… until Logan’s father shows up, of course.

6 Super Cool Party People (S6, Ep 20)

Rory wheeled logan out of the hospital on gilmore girls

Rory shows how much she cares for Logan in this episode, despite his tendency to take ridiculous risks. At this point, the two have been together for a while, but Logan is struggling with his father’s expectations, and gets seriously injured in a Life and Death Brigade stunt that Rory argued with him about doing. However, she rushes to his side when he’s in hospital – and far more importantly, calls his father and lays into him about not being there. Rory has previously had a difficult relationship with Mitchum, and was definitely intimidated by him – but here, she proves that her care for Logan is more than enough to overcome that.

5 Partings (S6, Ep 22)

Rory and Logan going away party

Logan shows his vulnerable side in this episode, when Rory throws him a British-themed going away party before he heads to London for his new job. It’s a great episode just to see Rory really putting her own disappointment aside to support her partner, and to try and make sure that he feels positive(ish) about leaving. But more than that, it’s a great episode for their final moments together, as Rory says she wanted to go to the airport with him, and he tells her that if she did, he wouldn’t be able to go. The situation as a whole shows how they are able to support each other, and understand what the other needs.

4 I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia (S7, Ep 13)

It’s easy to think of Logan as someone who is spoiled, rich, and arrogant – but it’s episodes like this one that show just how kind and considerate he can really be. This is when Richard has a heart attack, and Logan drops everything to be with Rory, and to help her, Emily, and Lorelai deal with the emergency. This is the kind of episode that Logan fans love, because it proves that there is so much more to him than anyone first thought.

3 Unto The Breach (S7 Ep21)

Where else could their journey end? The second-to-last episode of the series, and it seems like Rory and Logan are going to make it – so much so that Logan has actually decided to propose. He even asks Lorelai for her blessing, which is a surprisingly sweet choice, especially as Lorelai doesn’t exactly adore him. Sadly, though, Rory turns him down – and Logan fans are left with broken hearts, much like Logan himself.

2 Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life ‘Winter’

Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Logan (Matt Czuchry) in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

A Year In The Life made some controversial decisions with Rory and Logan’s relationship, when it revealed that the two had a secret affair going on in London – despite both being in other relationships. While some fans hated the idea of them cheating to be together, there’s no denying that the moment they are revealed as still involved – and that first kiss in the revival – was a powerful one. The chemistry is clearly still alive and well for these two, and fans of the couple loved to see it (even if they weren’t pleased with how it came about).

1 Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life ‘Fall’


The final episode of the revival spent a lot of time on Rory and Logan, as they went on one last wild night out with the Life and Death Brigade – but that’s not what makes this a great episode for the pair. It’s seeing Logan still willing to offer her support, both in the fun way, and in a practical sense, as he offers her a place to write her novel. It’s a final shot at the two of them, that shows their chemistry, their love, their connection, how much fun they have, and how well they understand each other. Only time will tell if their story continues.

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