10 Of The Best Quotes In Euphoria, Ranked

Content Warning: This list includes mentions of drug use, sexual assault, and mental health.

The hit show Euphoria took the world by storm when it was released by HBO in June 2019. Its graphic images of nudity, sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence were shocking – especially so for a show about high school students. The protagonist, Rue, is a recovering drug addict at only 17, whose life is turned around when she meets Jules. Jules is not exempt from struggles like Rue’s, she finds herself blackmailed and forced into harmful positions. Her friend Kat, meanwhile, is discovering her sexuality, while other characters like Maddy, Cassie, and Nate work through complicated relationships with both partners and family.

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The show is amazing not just for its beautiful cinematography, but for its rich and compelling writing. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look at the best and most memorable lines from the series.

Updated on September 16th, 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: Euphoria is certainly one of the most topical and poignant shows on all of television right now. With it covering so many notable subjects and featuring such deep, complex characters, it’s only natural that it features some important quotes. These come from all sorts of characters, cover all manner of subjects, and are varying in how they’re either funny, emotional, or just memorable. From the pilot episode to the finale to the special installments, Euphoria never misses when it comes to iconic lines.

15 “I Feel Like I’ve Framed My Entire Womanhood Around Men.” (Jules Vaughn)

Jules in therapy in Euphoria

Due to the long gap between seasons 1 and 2, creator Sam Levinson released two special episodes centered around Rue and Jules. The Jules installment provided a deeper dive into the complex character and everything regarding her thoughts on life, relationships, and so much more.

As a trans woman, it was important for Hunter Schafer to co-write the episode and add truth to the story. While she is talking to her therapist, Jules delivers one of her most memorable quotes from the special, explaining a lot about her and the things she does. She doesn’t want to do this anymore and it actually rings true for several girls on the show like Maddy and Cassie.

14 “I don’t know what kind of f***** up s*** you got going inside of your head. I don’t know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug s*** – it’s not the answer.” (Fezco)

Fezco on a couch

Although the people on this show are mostly flawed and have plenty of moments where they come across as someone you don’t want to root for. However, it seems like the one character who is always likable is Fezco. Though a drug dealer, he’s depicted as the ultimate good guy on Euphoria.

While he may have played a part in Rue’s addiction, he is a legitimate and loyal friend who wants the best for her. Fezco admits he doesn’t always know what’s right but this line perfectly captures his good heart and that he would much rather Rue be off the drugs, even if it means losing a top client.

13 “I’m Just Saying, Love Is A Million Things.” (Maddy Perez)

Euphoria Nate and Maddy walking down the school hallway, holding hands

Not every quote on Euphoria can be one that is actually good advice or one that comes from a healthy place. The relationship between Nate and Maddy is easily the most unhealthy on the show, as they spend their time being awful to each other and have been shown to be abusive both physically and verbally.

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When explaining her views on love, this is what Maddy said. While the idea behind it can be considered sweet, it’s really not when you know that Maddy was saying that the love that she has with Nate makes her feel both amazing and terrible. It’s an unhealthy mindset that Maddy thinks being in love should be awful and that it’s okay that Nate hurts her.

12 “I Feel Like Her Sobriety Is Completely Dependent On How Available I Am To Her.” (Jules Vaughn)

Jules is a character who got a lot of unjust hate near the end of Euphoria season 1. She ghosted Rue and eventually returned after realizing how much she missed her but audiences came to understand more about her decisions after watching her special episode.

Jules revealed to her therapist that her friendship and romance with Rue puts a lot of pressure on her. It seems like Rue puts her sobriety on their bond, staying off drugs when they’re together and relapsing when things got awry between them. Considering the past that was detailed about Jules and her mother, that adds even more to her feelings.

11 “Do You Wish I Was Different?” (Rue Bennett)

Jules and Rue talk in bed in Euphoria

Everything about Rue and Jules is at the center of the show for a lot of reasons. The feelings that Jules has about Rue putting her sobriety on her kind of go hand-in-hand with this line that Rue delivered in the finale. She flat-out asked Jules if she wished that Rue wasn’t exactly who she is.

Rue likes to put on a good front and act as if nothing bothers her but that’s far from the case. She worries that she’s the problem in their relationship and is insecure about it. Rue also has mentioned as a narrator that if she could be different, she would be, further adding to what this quote actually means.

10 “Plenty Of Great, Intelligent, Funny, Interesting, And Creative People Have Struggled With The Same Things You Struggle With.” (Leslie Bennett)

The opening sequence of Euphoria lets viewers know immediately that they are in for a wild ride. Rue, played by the wonderful Zendaya, is introduced, and it’s clear young Rue is overwhelmed, confused, and dealing with her mental health.

Her mother tries to reassure her that she is not alone in her struggles, and great, famous people such as Vincent Van Gogh had similar disorders. Although Rue’s mother is right in saying this, Rue immediately thinks about where those brilliant people have ended up, which isn’t always positive.

9 “I Liked The Way I Dressed You, But I’m Worried I F***** With Your Gender Expression.” (Jules Vaughn)

The biggest love story in Euphoria revolves around Rue and the newest student, Jules. Whether it is as friends or as lovers, the two are inseparable: they go to parties together, they help each other with their crushes, and try on make-up and outfits.

Jules is known for her extravagant fashion style and makeup, while Rue is more simple and boyish. When Jules dresses Rue for their school prom, Rue ends up with a much more colorful and sparkly look than she usually goes for. It’s a beautiful look though, and as expected, Rue rocks it.

8 “It Wasn’t The Violence That Scared Her. It Was The Fact That She Knew No Matter What She Did, She’d Still Love Him.” (Rue Bennett)

Despite the mistakes she may have made, Maddy is one of the most popular characters in Euphoria. She initially appears like the typical beautiful and conceited girl who is dating the football captain at school, but her character is more complex than that. Her boyfriend, Nate, is abusive and possessive, and it’s frustrating to watch Maddy struggle with him.

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The most heartbreaking part, however, is finding out what Maddy realizes when Nate crosses the line. She comes to understand that he is not right for her, yet she also knows that, for some reason, she loves him too much to leave him.

7 “She Hated Her Life, Not Because It Was Bad, But Because When You Hate Your Brain And Your Body, It’s Hard To Enjoy The Rest.” (Rue Bennett)

One of the most significant issues that get covered by Euphoria is depression. When Jules is introduced, viewers learn that she is depressed as a young teenager trying to find herself. So much so, that her parents placed her in a psychiatric hospital, and hers is the most tragic past on the show. Body image, self-confidence, and self-love were some of the things she struggled with the most and that’s why she hated life.

When she reaches 17, she is obviously in a better place, but Jules seems to still be plagued by some insecurities and emotional stress. On the positive side, at least she knows who she is now.

6 “I Know Your Generation Relied On Flowers And Father’s Permission, But It’s 2019, And Unless You’re Amish, Nudes Are The Currency Of Love. So Stop Shaming Us.” (Rue Bennett)

There are countless shows about teenagers, but Euphoria is by far one of the most accurate ones in its representation of the youth. Not only does it get the slang and the way of talking right, but also the way that relationships and romances are sparked. As high school students in 2019, the characters are part of Gen Z – a generation that is more exposed to sex than any other generation, because of the internet.

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Jules, typical of her generation, not only goes on a dating application to find a guy to date but also communicates with this guy by exchanging nudes. Rue, as narrator, says this line to the audience and it’s a fantastic way of reiterating that they should not be shamed for this.

5 “The Absolute Worst Part Of Depression Is That Even Though You Know You’re Depressed, You’re Unable To Stop Yourself From Getting Worse.” (Rue Bennett)

Rue often falls into depressive episodes. And when she does – she has no idea how to deal with it, and it’s in fact part of the reason why she turned to drugs. There’s an entire episode dedicated to Rue narrating her depressive episode, and the way that she talks about depression is refreshingly but tragically accurate.

She talks about how slow and gradual of a process it actually is, and how you can feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper but it’s impossible to get yourself out. This is a huge part of “The Trials And Tribulations Of Trying To Pee While Depressed,” one of the show’s best episodes.

4 “I Had A Therapist Once Who Said That These States Will Wax And Wane. Which Gave My Mother Relief, Because It Meant That In The Bad Times, There Would Be Good Times. But It Also Gave Her Anxiety Because It Meant That In The Good Times, There Would Be Bad Times.” (Rue Bennett)

Throughout the series, Rue and her mother are seen working through a difficult relationship; the mother is overprotective and mistrustful of Rue even after her daughter left rehab, and Rue continues to lie to her mother and, worse, use drugs behind her back. T

And that’s why Rue’s mother is so controlling of her daughter; she is deeply concerned about both her mental and physical well-being. Viewers learn through Rue’s words that her mother will never stop worrying because good times are always only temporary.

3 “Maybe People Are Nostalgic About High School Cause It’s, Like, The Last Time In Their Life That They Get To Dream.” (Cassie Howard)

Euphoria may touch on mental illnesses, but in the end, it’s a show about high school students dealing with typical high school problems such as relationships, reputation, friendships, sibling fights, and more.

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A lot of these students get lost in alcohol, sex or drugs, or even something else when they have an issue plaguing them. They are not mature or experienced enough to know what’s best for them, so they deal with problems by avoiding them –  and that’s why high school is almost like a dream.

2 “And Although She Had Never Been In A Relationship, Or Even In, Like, Love, She Imagined Spending The Rest Of Her Life With Her.” (Rue Bennett)

Rue’s first meeting with Jules is one of a kind: she decides to talk to her after Jules has a bloody outburst at a party and, impulsively, the two decide to ride back to Rue’s place and hang out there.

Rue sits on the back of Jules’ bicycle, arms wrapped around her waist, and it’s a beautiful image that symbolizes the beginning of a meaningful relationship. For Rue, it basically loves at first sight, as she admits to the viewer. Although Rue’s feelings may be honest and simple, her relationship with Jules proves to be very complicated.

1 “Every Time I Feel Good, I Think It’ll Last Forever, But It Doesn’t.” (Rue Bennett)

If there’s one quote that sums up the show, it’s this one. All the characters come across various obstacles and fleeting moments of happiness, big or small. Rue is obviously the best example of this: just like drugs have highs and lows, her relationship with Jules sometimes makes her the happiest she’s ever been, and other times makes her feel sad and unwanted. She learns the hard way that good things don’t last.

This is true for Maddy, too, whose relationship with Nate is one of physical passion but also physical abuse, or for Jules, who goes from being excited about meeting her crush to being blackmailed by him. It’s perhaps even truer for Rue’s mother: who is constantly torn between feeling proud of her daughter and feeling scared for her.

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