Florida Butterflies and Moths Gallery


Zebra long-wing pupal mating photo gallery


Argentinean butterflies photo gallery 


Serra Bonita (Bahia, Brazil) Moths


Serra Bonita (Bahia, Brazil) Skippers 


Serra Bonita (Bahia, Brazil) Butterflies


Serra Bonita (Bahia, Brazil) Birds


Monarch photo gallery 


Butterflies and plants of Natural Area Teaching Lab

                                                             NATL Gallery 1

                                                             NATL Galley 2

                                                             NATL Galley 3


Lepidoptera Image Database of McGuire Center - FLMNH


Photographs from butterfly Rainforest - live exhibit of McGuire Center:

                                                                                Butterfly Rainforest Gallery 1

                                                                                Butterfly Rainforest Gallery 2

                                                                                Butterfly Rainforest Gallery 3

                                                                                Butterfly Rainforest Gallery4


Photos (Lepidoptera and other) from a trip to the Pyrenees (2008)

                                                                                 Pyrenees Gallery 1

                                                                                 Pyrenees Gallery 2


Florida Moths photos from George Austin's collection



Photos (Lepidoptera and other) from a trip to Arizona and Washington (2010)


Trip to Bahia, Brazil 2009


Trip to Turkey: Kachkar, Kapadokya 2001


Dragonflies in Florida