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This page is dedicated to book reviews of old and new lepidopterological literature.  Please, contact us if you would like to submit a book review. 


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Below are some books that  we found useful:


Nabokov's Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius


by Kurt Johnson and Steven L. Coates was recently published by Zoland Books 1999

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The Butterflies of Kenya and their natural history

by T.B. Larsen

Published = 1996 500 pages
ISBN = 0 19 850005 X

The Butterflies of Costa Rica Vol.1, 2

by Philip J. DeVries


The Lepidoptera Form, Function and Diversity
by M. J. Scoble
ISBN = 0 19 854952 0
 Published = 1995, 404 pages
Carcasson's African Butterflies
An annotated catalogue of the Papilionoidea and Hesperioidae of the Afrotropical region, by P.R. Ackery, C.R.Smith and R.I. Vane-Wright (Eds)
ISBN = 0 643 05561 4
Published = 1995, 803 pages


Guide to the butterflies of Russia and adjacent territories (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera). Volume 1: Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Satyridae

 by P. V. Bogdanov, A. L. Devyatkin, L. V. Kabak, V. A. Korolev, V. S. Murzin, G. D. Samodurov, E. A. Tarasov, and V. K. Tuzov
ISBN 954-642-018-2

1997, 400 p

The Butterflies of Venezuela
Part 1: Nymphalidae 1 (Limenitidinae Apaturinae, Charaxinae)
ISBN = 0 9527657 05
Published = 1996, 143 pages
32 Colour Plates, 1195 specimens 350+ species


The Development and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns
by H. Frederik Nijhout
ISBN = 0 87474 921 2H(Hbk), 0 87474 917 4(Pbk),
Published = 1991, 297 pages
8 colour plates, 150 text figures


The Butterflies of Papua New Guinea
Their systematics and Biology. By Michael Parsons
ISBN = 0 12 545555 0
Published = 1999, 736 A4 pages
136 colour plates, 26 B/W plates, 57 text figures and 8 tables


Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BUTTERFLIES

by Gerardo Lamas, Richard G. Robbins, and Willian D. Field

Volume 124, 463pp (1995)


 Checklist: Part 4a Hesperioidea–Papilionoidea. In: Heppner JB, ed. Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera, Vol. 5A. 

by Gerardo Lamas

Published in 2004 by Association for Tropical Lepidoptera/Scientific Publishers, Gainesville, FL.


Arctiidae-Plates-Hampson, 1901, Cat. Lepidoptera Phalaenae British Museum


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